Join us at Kismet Books in Verona for a very special poetry reading and book signing with Carrie Voigt Schonhoff and Shahayra Majumder!

About the authors:

Carrie Voigt Schonhoff, poet and author of 'The Liminal Space' and 'The End of the Beginning,' captures the spirit of her native Wisconsin while encapsulating the growth of her life’s journey and exciting next chapter. This work will resonate deeply with readers from the Midwest and pull at the heartstrings of those that continue to face challenges but never stop dreaming. Her book of poems addresses the importance of healing, moving on, and being ready to face a new beginning. Schonhoff’s work is a continuation of beliefs that we can heal by connecting and understanding one another on a deeper level through poetry.

Carrie is currently working on her third book of poems while enjoying traveling and hosting book signing and reading events both nationally and internationally on her book tour.


Shahayra Majumder is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, and is an alumnus of the University of Florida. She now lives in Madison, Wisconsin working remotely as a Solutions Engineer for a Silicon Valley startup focused on improving health equity. Poetry is her reprieve, along with travel.

Her book, 'The Unreliable Narrator Wakes Up,' is a series of free-form prose poems in a debut chapbook by Shahayra Majumder. With over 28 entries, Majumder delivers an intimate perspective on navigating the trials of adulthood and the pressures faced by marginalized communities and trauma victims. Written over the course of the early 2020s, she writes unabashedly through pain, triumph, love, spirituality, and growing independence. Unreliable Narrator challenges the reader to face society's harsh truths, yet also encourages marveling at the risks we take to live fulfilling lives, humor at the wonderfully paradoxical, and feel pride as we rediscover and settle into ourselves.

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October 02, 2022 @ 1:00 pm
October 02, 2022 @ 2:30 pm


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101 N. Main St.